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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
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Tehty: 20.11.2001 Arvosana: -
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Tekijä: Mikko Vestola

Dear Mr. Benton

Thank you for the great time I had with you and your family in Brighton last summer.

I had to write you so soon, because one of my best friends, Simo, will travel to Brighton. I thought that it would be nice if he could visit you and your family for a little time. But is it OK to you?

If it is OK then could you meet him at the railway station. It would be much easier for him, because he doesn't know where you live.

I can put a picture of him with my next letter if I will find some sort of picture of him. Just to make sure you will know him, I can describe him a little in this letter.

He is 19-years-old. He has blond short hair. He is quite tall, about two meters. He usually wears a suit, so he looks like a businessman.

It is very important that you would write me soon, because Simo will make the trip to Brighton next week. So, please answer me soon.

Yours sincerely
Mikko Vestola

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