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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
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Tekijä: Jarmo Vestola

Get a kick out of Vantaa

Dear Jason

In your last letter you mentioned that you are planning to come to Finland to learn about the Finnish way of life. I have asked my parents if you could stay with us and they have agreed.

We live in an old detached house near the center of Vantaa. Vantaa is a large city, where you can do whatever you want. If you want to go to the cinema for example, that's not a problem, we have plenty of them nearby. There are also theatres, museums, libraries, ice-rinks, supermarkets etc. in Vantaa, even a place where you can drive go-karts.

People here are very nice. You don't need to be afraid of your neighbour or his mad dog. You can even walk alone in a dark park without being beaten up.

The best season here is winter. Then you can notice and sense the beauty of the Finnish nature. If you come you could try what it is like to skate or ski, not forgetting the experience of sauna.

Summer is also nice if you don't like our cold winters. We can for example, go fishing and swimming together. I hope you will write me soon.

Warm wishes Jarmo Vestola

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