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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
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My advice to new high school students

My first piece of advice to new high school students is that don't be afraid of going to high school. A high school isn't any more special than upper level comprehensive school. The most important thing in high school is to do your homework. Without doing them your chances to get through the examination are very low.

It is also important to be active in lessons and listen to what a teacher has to say. That will help you to remember things better and it's easier to read for the test. I have always done my homework and tried to listen to the teacher attentively. That's why I have got so good marks from nearly every subject.

When your examination week is getting closer, don't get stressed about it. It's no use reading a week before an examination, because you might forget all the things you have read. It's better to read a few days before the test and then do some revision the last evening.

But don't read at nights, because when you sleep well, the information you have learned will stay in your mind better. And don't just read the text through. Try to understand all of what you have read. Of course, everybody has his own way of studying, but this works fine for me.

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