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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
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Tekijä: Mikko Vestola

Ecofriendly is egofriendly

Many people claim that a single individual can't do much to help our planet. I believe that is not true. What would it be if all the people of the world thought the same way. We would definitely be drowned into waste and what kind of future would that be.

A single individual can do many things to be more nature-friendly. For example using public transport instead of car will contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions which are destroying nature and the vital ozone layer. Much better would be if all the short trips were made by bike or by foot.

Also sorting rubbish and recycling them will prevent the destruction of nature. The consumer should also avoid buying goods which are heavily packed and contain CFCs or other harmful substances.

Our quality of life would definitely increase if we were more nature-friendly. We would have less waste, no empty bottles in nature and the air that we breath would be fresher. I believe also that people would be more healthy if nature was clean.

Everyone of us can do something to help our planet. It only depends on attitudes.

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