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Environmental threats

Earth's average temperature has alarmingly risen and the condition of our vital environment is going worse. The reason for global changes are emissions, for example car fumes, carbon dioxide (CO2) and the waste of industry and citizens.

Although some climatic contracts have been made to prevent pollution, the problem still remains. Most emissions come from industry and agriculture. The harmful smoke of factories and gases released into atmosphere cause acid rain, which with the emissions of agriculture pollutes rivers, lakes and damages buildings and trees.

The most important environmental challenge is to prevent global warming - the so called greenhouse effect. It is the result of carbon dioxide, which cars produce. Burning fossil fuels and oil also adds CO2 into the atmosphere. Even if emissions have been reduced and cars have been improved, we have to prevent the destroying of rainforests, because they absorb CO2.

What all people can do is to help safeguard the future by recycling: sort your household rubbish and don't always buy new goods but consider reusing old things. Also avoid plastic products, because their CFC destroys ozone, which means that ultraviolet light will damage both plants and animals, and will cause skin cancer to humans. We must also find alternative fuels and use energy more efficiently.

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