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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
  • Päivitetty: 14.02.2011
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Englannin englanninkielinen tiivistelmä
Tehty: 30.10.2001 Arvosana: 9/10
Sivuja: 1 kpl Sanamäärä: 110
Tekijä: Jarmo Vestola

Tiivistelmä englanninkielisestä tekstistä oppikirjan (WSOY:n English Update Highlights 5) sivuilta 30-31.

2. b) The new revolution in cars

The greatest manufactures are developing cars to be better and safer than ever before. Antilock brakes and air bags are nowadays reality, so designers decided to go further by creating a smart car, which can literally think for itself. The car's core would be a central nervous system. It can monitor and sense all the car's functions and it even knows driver's personal needs. Moreover the smart car makes skidding impossible and with the auto-navigation system you can't get lost, because the computer instructs you. Scientists are also exploring alternative engine types, as a result of decreasing fossil fuel supplies. They would exploit either electricity or hydrogen.

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