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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
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Young drivers

What would I think, if got my driving licence at the age of sixteen? I am now seventeen so I would have driven one year. If youngsters got their driving licence earlier, they would probably drive like mad. Not all of them but there are always a few, who break the law and risk other people's lives.

Buying a car is also a problem. Only a few youths have money to buy a good car. Therefore they drive a car with no brakes, ABS etc. These cars with bad drivers cause a majority of all traffic accidents.

Although we can use trains and buses to travel where we want, it would be much easier to do the trip with your own car. On the other hand, if there would be driving instruction courses at schools, it might improve our driving "habits". It is also recommended that there would be some test places where youngsters could test their driving skills. Then we could avoid some of the accidents caused by the lack of confidence and driving skills.

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