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  • Julkaistu: 08.03.2008
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Crime and punishment

We all are worried about crimes of children and teenagers. But what would be the reason why teenager behaves like that? My point of view is that the upbringing is one big reason. We must be more careful of how we take care of them. Although we think an 18-year old teenager would be an adult, he's not. Most might be, but some need good care from parents and other people. You can't rely on that all will manage alone in society. Some might get depressed, because society and parents expect so much from you. You must always be better than your parents and always succeed.

And what about the young law-breakers then? My opinion is that 15 is a good age when a person can be convicted of crime. But when this happens, we must help the one who is convicted and adapt him or her into the society again. Society could get him a new apartment or a job for example. Then he could understand that he can live without doing any crimes.

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