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Finnish nature

Finland is a sparsely-populated country and well-known for vast forests and many lakes. Also the archipelago describes how rich and beautiful the Finnish nature is. This pure and capturing nature offers good possibilities for tourists, who are interested in landscapes and natural surroundings, to do what they want to do.

What would you think about living in a country cottage near the lake with your family in summer? No stress and far from the noise of the city. First you can take a hot sauna and from there go swimming in a cool and refreshing lake. If you like, you can also go fishing and sailing. Or you can simply relax, watch the magnificent colourful view of water and the sunset, when the water laps against your jetty and the quiet wind makes the trees whistle at the same time as birds are chirping beautifully.

In winter you can try winter swimming or ice fishing, both peculiar customs of the Finnish way of life. And don't forget cross-country skiing. Nothing is as relaxing as skiing alone in a peaceful forest, covered up by white, pure snow. That's outdoor life.

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