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Tekijä: Mikko Vestola

The old and friendly man from north

In northern Finland there is a small fell called Korvatunturi. At the base of the fell is a village where the oldest man on the Earth lives. He is Santa Claus, who is as old as you can imagine.

His work is, as everyone knows, to give Christmas presents to children who have behaved well. If you haven't behaved then you won't get any presents at Christmas, because Father Christmas doesn't like bad children.

Christmas is a very pressing time to Santa Claus. He gets many letters from children, in which they wish different kinds of gifts. Santa has to produce millions of presents and then deliver them to children all over the world. Fortunately Father Christmas has plenty of helpers, elves. The little elves help Santa Claus in making gifts, but their most important thing is to watch how the children behave and then report that to Father Christmas.

Every year on the 24th of December Santa Claus makes his tour and many children become happy when they see what Santa has brought them. Then you must start behaving well again for one year to get presents next Christmas.

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