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The first man on the Moon

This story is based on true events.

It all began as an ordinary day in September 1961. I, Edwin Aldrin, was at home. Then suddenly the telephone rang. There were the chief of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). He said that I had been chosen to the Apollo program of NASA. Their destination was to get the first man on the Moon before the Soviet Union.

Apollo program started when the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy said: "We decided to go to the Moon in this decade."

So I had been chosen to Apollo program. I started to work in NASA in January 1962 and I became an astronaut. There were also other astronauts, for example Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins which had been chosen in the same group with me.

Our spacecraft wouldn't go to the Moon until 1969, because our spacecraft's name was Apollo 11. So there will be many flights before our flight. But the first Apollo flights, Apollo 1-10, didn't get onto the Moon.

Then the 22nd November 1963 was a sad day. The president of the United States was murdered and any-body don't know who did it, but the space program still continued.

Then came a big day for us. Our spacecraft, Apollo 11, was ready to go to the Moon. The engines of the Apollo 11 started and it left the Earth from Cape Canaveral, Florida in 16th July 1969 at 13.30 (Green-wich time).

We travelled into space for many days. Then we were finally on the Moon's orbit. Michael Collins had to stay on the command module, Columbia, that was on the Moon's orbit.

We started the landing on the Moon and it went perfectly well. The Eagle had landed on the Moon on 21st July 1969 at 2.56 am. My partner, Neil Armstrong went first out of the spacecraft. His first words on the Moon were: "This is a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind."

When we both were on the Moon we started to examine the Moon's surface and do some tests. After that we had to go back and safely on the Earth. We were on the Moon about 21 and half hours and we left the Moon at 17.54. We docked to the Columbia were Michael Collins were waiting for us and the trip to home began.

Finally we landed to the Atlantic Ocean. I and especially my partner Neil Armstrong, the commander of Apollo 11, were the biggest heroes on the Earth.

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